Get the complete flagship experience by connecting the Galaxy Note 8 to the Gear Sport

Dec 18, 2017

After a catastrophic saga with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung made an extremely quick comeback and revived the Note series with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is now among the top Flagship devices launched in 2017. We aren't entirely sure if Samsung will ever launch a flagship smartphone of the same level as the Note 8 running on Tizen OS (we certainly won't place a bet on that). But on the wearable side of Samsung products, the company has given Tizen a flagship level treatment by running the OS on their latest smartwatches and fitness trackers to take on competition from Android Wear, Apple Watch, and other wearable platforms.

Now, if you have very deep pockets or in simpler terms, own the latest flagship smartphone and wearable device that Samsung has to offer which are the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch and haven't set up the wearable yet to work with the Note 8, then Samsung has just released a video to make it easier to connect the two devices with each other. As Unlike the LTE or 3G variants of previous Samsung smartwatches- Gear S3 and Gear S2 respectively, Samsung hasn't released a cellular version of Gear Sport to use it as a standalone device.

Connecting the Gear Sport to the Note 8 is actually a very simple process, so simple that you wouldn't even need Samsung's video walkthrough to get it running but it's always nice to have a video tutorial. The process is as easy as turning on the Bluetooth and opening the Gear Manager app to discover the Gear Sport and then in a matter of few taps and confirmations, the connection will be successful.

You can watch the video below-


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