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Dec 31, 2017

Where has the time gone? Once upon a time (seems appropriate) I was fascinated with an Operating System (OS), that powered the Nokia N900, which was called Maemo. The N900 was a Linux based smartphone that the iPhone could not compete with on many technical points. This device could actually run flash in its native browser and it could run it well. This is when I started my first website MaemoExperts.




Well, we all know the story of Intel and Nokia then combining forces with their two OSs, Maemo and Moblin respectively, to create MeeGo. The newly formed community had great hopes for this OS but all was not meant to be. Microsoft was getting ready to acquire Nokia and we KNEW what was going to happen - Microsoft would buy the company, devalue it and sell off the assets. Mighty Nokia lost over $4 Billion of its value and thousands of job losses. If only they had listened to us in Dublin. If only. Microsoft had no Interest in the new MeeGo ecosystem vision and the Nokia and Intel collaboration fell apart.


Intel were still invested in MeeGo and wanted to plough ahead with their smartphone and IVI ambitions. They needed a new partner and who better than Samsung with their Limo OS, and so Tizen was created and also the Tizen Experts website. We aimed at covering everything Tizen related in Smartphones, Smart TVs, Developer stuff, IoT and beyond.


The Last Tizen Experts post

Fast forward to today and it really saddens me to say this will be the last post for Tizen Experts. We were hoping for great things for Tizen in 2017 and unfortunately not enough has happened to make running a niche OS website feasible any longer. This is a decision I have toyed with for many years now.



Tizen has a new home - IoT Gadgets

Tomorrow there will be a new website launched, IoT Gadgets, and the good news is that you will still find the 5,500+ Maemo, MeeGo and Tizen articles still online (some have been taken offline at the moment whilst the sites are merged). We will still continue to cover any major Tizen developments but now will also cover IoT, Gadgets, Smart home, Single Board Computers (SBCs), Mobiles, Wearables, Big Data, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. A new challenge and exciting times are definitely ahead of us!



I would like to thank all the writers, present and past, for their contributions and also the many people at Nokia, Intel and Samsung that have been part of this journey. Please come back tomorrow and share in the next part of our journey.

Ashiq Nazir

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