Learn to how to promote your Samsung Gear Applications by following this webinar

Dec 5, 2017

You might have spent a lot of time to make the best app ever known to mankind but that doesn't necessarily guarantee you that your app will go viral overnight and the Tech giants will be pouring in millions of dollars to buy it from you. Making a great app is just one phase of the story, the second and probably the most crucial phase in promoting your app to reach out to the potential users who will search for your app and hit that install button.

Now, there is no sure-shot procedure that you can follow to get a million downloads for your app, but there are a number of DOs and DON'Ts that you can make a note by taking a look at all the other successful apps made till date as well as understand what were the flaws behind apps that were a failure despite being good.

This knowledge can come only from experience and guidance and hence Samsung's developer team recently hosted a Webinar on effectively promoting your apps inside the Galaxy Apps store, Gear store, and Theme store. Ashutosh Sharma of Samsung Developer Program, SEA- Content & Services conducted this webinar along with Guest Speaker John Eric Sobrepena who is popularly known for his Nucleon Gear Watchfaces. The webinar covers some of the best practices and case studies that will help you improve app discovery and conversion.

You can watch the Webinar below to pick some pointers on getting your application or watchface or theme popular on Samsung's stores-

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