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Dec 22, 2017

In June 2016, research firm dscout published a report on human interactions with a phone. Well, the results of their research were astonishing, but I have to say somewhat expected. They found out that an average human being swipes, taps or clicks their phone a staggering 2,617 times in a day, with an average of 145 minutes spend on the phone every day. And no, the figure doesn't include activities that we perform on the phone in a locked state like review notifications, check the time, change the volume, skip a song, etc. The number might have increased by now as we interact more with our phones more than ever before.

So now it's technology that will help us once again so that we spend less time on our phones. Yes, with Samsung Gear Sport, you’ll be surprised at how many hours you can go without even thinking of your phone. Thanks to a wide range of smart features, you can leave your phone in your bag without worry.


Click and Tap

The most annoying part of riding a bike is having to pull your phone out of the pocket or bag to respond to a simple text. This sometimes is a risky thing to do, if you haven't pulled-up your bike. But with the Gear Sport, things get really simple. All you need to do is just a click of the bezel and a few taps. Yeah, that's right, the Gear Sport analyzes the context of each message and provides you with a list of smart quick-answer choices. For example, to the text “What time will you get here?” it will let you tap on the numbers to select a time or choose “I don’t know” as a response. Obviously, it's not advisable to do this whilst riding the bike full speed!



Never run out of space

If you're in a public transport thronged by peoples all around, getting your phone out of the bag is a big ask. But hey, with the Gear Sport, you need not fear of missing out on an urgent text. Read the text directly on your wrist and send a reply of your own. Pick from a flock of playful emoticons, or send an MMS with your own doodles.



Voice Transcription

In the pool, doing your morning laps? Well, don't worry, Gear Sport has 5 ATM water resistance. So you'll still receive messages. But yeah, typing with wet fingers is not much fun. Well, Gear Sport has that area covered too. Use voice transcription feature of Gear Sport a quick reply. You can also record your message and send an audio message.



These are some of the handy features, but you can read about the full specifications of the Samsung Gear Sport here.

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