Never run out of Juice as Samsung patents Smart clothes that can charge your phone

Efe Udin
Dec 11, 2017

Technological advancement is never ending and before we conclude heaping accolades on a major tech breakthrough, someone somewhere is already thinking of something else. Samsung Electronics, no doubt, is one of the major hubs of tech innovation in recent times. There have been rumors connecting smart clothing to Samsung, however, nothing concrete was released. Now, we got some confirmation that Samsung is working on a smart cloth that will amaze you. A new patent spotted by LetsGoDigital shows that this piece of clothing will sieve its power from movements and the energy will be converted for other purposes such as warming you up in the cold or charging your smartphone. From the patent, sensors are disseminated across different parts of the cloths and this technology can be used for shirts, trousers, gloves, hats, and shoes.

This idea will come in handy when one is very far away from power source. However, since it has to do with the human body, it will be properly scrutinized before any approval is given which could take a while. Nevertheless, patent filings are just to safeguard the ideas of a company, it doesn't mean that this product will ever become reality. Indeed, Samsung Electronics apply for thousands of patent annually but only a handful of these devices ever hits the market. But with this, we now know that Samsung is serious about joining the smart clothing market. This is not the first time that this patent is appearing, Samsung actually filed for this patent in its hometown last year. Thus your guess is as good as mine - this technology is probably in its advanced stage as of now.

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