Samsung release Samsung Gear S3 update to addresses battery life issue

Dec 19, 2017

The Samsung Gear S3 received a huge update about a month ago, bringing the device to Tizen 3.0. The update, as per everyone's expectations, brought-in a range of features and improvements to the device. However, the Gear S3 users' excitement was short-lived. Many users faced a number of issues with the device after the update, most significant of them being the battery-usage issue. A number of Gear S3 users' complained that their device has started eating up the battery power at a rather unusual pace. Some even started looking for ways to roll back to Tizen 2.3.

If you also have a similar issue with Gear S3, then we have a very good news for you. To everyone's joy once again, Samsung has started rolling out another update for the Gear S3, to fix the battery drainage issue. With the new update, it is expected that the Gear S3 will once again start giving a battery life of 2-3 days of normal usage. Samsung released the latest Gear S3 update first in Canada, and is now available in the US as well. The company is expected to release the same in the other markets very soon.



The latest firmware update has a download size of about 21 MB. The update is entirely focused on to resolve the battery usage issue. There may be some minor bug fixes but you should not be expecting any major feature improvisation.


How to update the Gear S3

  • Launch open Samsung Gear app on your smartphone
  • Go to About Gear menu under Settings
  • Check for updates and download the available update
  • Once downloaded, tap Install Now to install the update the update in your Gear

Tada! You've successfully updated your Gear S3 to the latest firmware version. Now feel free to let us know if you notice any differences after the update in your Gear S3, in the comments section below.

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