Peugeot unveiled its vision of an Autonomous Vehicle with ARTIK Cloud Synch

Dec 12, 2017

With the advancement of technology, scenes from science fiction movies are coming into reality. The numerous assistance systems in today's vehicles afford us the chance of paying less attention to management. Since the introduction of the first production version of an autonomous automobile by Tesla Motors Inc, other automakers have not been idle. Prior to its unveiling the Instinct Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, The French car manufacturer, Peugeot had designed a similar concept, for example, the Peugeot Fractal of 2015. This vehicle was designed to make driving more instinctive by enriching information through the use of acoustics.



Peugeot unveiled the Instinct Concept, a vehicle which possesses a unique shooting brake design with the option of complete autonomous driving. Its doors are similar to the Opel Meriva and it has cameras in place of side mirrors. It also possesses a Plug-in hybrid petrol-electric 4wd drive train with 300bhp.

The operating system of the Instinct Concept comes with Two basic driving modes. The manual driving which gives you two options. Drive boost mode for dynamic driving and Drive Relax mode for a semi-autonomous driving. The Autonomous Mode also has two options the Autonomous Sharp Mode and Autonomous Soft Mode that are fully autonomous with one piloting the vehicle as quickly as possible and the other piloting the vehicle as though on a cruise.

Peugeot has partnered with Samsung to infuse the Samsung Artik Cloud with the Instinct Concept. The Samsung Artik cloud enables the vehicle synchronize data from various devices like your smart phone, smart watch and even with household items like the smart television. It will enable devices to communicate with other apps, smart devices, and cloud services more easily.



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