Samsung their Next Generation 8K QLED Tizen Smart TV at CES 2018

Efe Udin
Dec 6, 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held in Las Vegas in January 2018 and information has it that two manufacturing bigwigs - Samsung and LG are set for a showdown at the event. Both manufacturers will unveil their next-generation TVs and other 2018 strategic products that will define the future market. CES is the largest home appliance exhibition globally and these companies are coming into this exhibitions with different strategies. While Samsung Electronics has keyword ‘infinite expansion’ which aims to improve the size of its TVs, LG has the keyword ‘infinite change’ which will see the manufacturer applying OLED’s strength to change factor and form.


Samsung Tizen 8K QLED TV

Samsung Electronics is expected to unveil a large QLED TV which is greater than 100-inches and this will be the first time that the company is releasing such a large TV, as its present largest TV is 88-inches. Samsung is trying to take advantage of the fact that the size of OLED TVs is very limited due to price thus it's coming out with a size like never before. The weakness of QLED TVs has been the enhancement of ‘black color’ but this has been handled by Samsung as the Korean manufacturing giant upgraded its QLED TV technology focusing on this aspect. In addition, Samsung will introduce 8K QLED TV for the first time ever which brings a better quality than previous QLED TVs. Samsung is coming out with a micro-LED technology which uses ultra-small LED as a display pixel. Information from some sectors claims that Samsung has completed the development of its first micro-LED display which is seen as the future display technology because of its high brightness and efficiency.



Samsung's QLED TV


LG's Rollable Display

LG's Rollable Display Prototype

A representative of the TV industry said

 “Next year’s premium TV markets will also be a confrontation between QLED and OLED TVs.”...“When next-generation TV technologies such as the micro-LED and rollable display are developed, it is expected that there will be new products in TV markets starting from 2019.”



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