Samsung ARTIK Director joins IoT Security Foundation Executive Steering Board

Dec 7, 2017

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) has announced that Madjid Nakhjiri, Senior Director, ARTIK Security Architecture, Samsung, has joined its Executive Steering Board. With a 15 years experience in security architecture and standards development, Madjid further strengthens an already strong IoTSF team.

Madjid Nakhjiri is a Senior Director of Security Architecture at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center in San Jose. He has the responsibility of roadmap, architecture, solution and execution of end to end security for the Samsung ARTIK platform. In addition, he is a conference speaker and has also chaired several industry standards activities in IoT, Internet Protocol television (IPTV), and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). He has authored and delivered standards on public key infrastructure (PKI), digital rights management (DRM), Software update and many more. Madjid has also authored a book “AAA and security for Mobile Networks” along with many conference papers. He also writes patent applications for Samsung with 13 issued patents and more than 30 pending patents under his supervision.



IoTSF’s Chairman, Professor Paul Dorey seemed pretty ecstatic to have Madjid on board. “We are delighted by Samsung’s recognition of the work of the Foundation. I am personally delighted to welcome Madjid to our growing internationally-based board, and further contributing valuable skills and experience. I am certain I represent the views of my fellow Executive Steering Board members when I say, we very much look forward to working together,“ he said.

The Foundation also updated its tagline to ‘Build Secure, Buy Secure and Be Secure’ to signal key areas where it aims to provide guidance.



IoT Security Compliance Framework Update

The IoTSF also announced that it has updated its industry-leading IoT Security Compliance Framework to Release 1.1. The updated framework has 204 controls across 14 themes that can be used to ensure that products are IoT ready. IoTSF has also supplied a companion questionnaire and best practice guidance for connected consumer products. The framework, questionnaire and best practice guidelines are available to download for free from the IoTSF website.

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