Samsung files another patent for a foldable phone

Dec 8, 2017

The bulk of revenues for Samsung are generated by smartphones. So it is pretty obvious that the company keeps brewing new concepts and ideas to strengthen its smartphone market worldwide. In October, Samsung filed a patent for a foldable smartphone, rumored to be the Galaxy X. Now the company has filed another patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The new patent by Samsung shows a device sporting two large screens with metal strip between them. When the device is not in use, the two screens will fold together and protect the display. The metal strip in between the screens can bend in different ways. The device has three antennas ensuring that the foldable design doesn't effect the device's signal. When using the device, both the screens can be used simultaneously. Also either of the screen can be bent backwards if the user wish to use only one display.



Amid the talks that the Samsung Galaxy X will be released in 2018, the new patent by Samsung makes things even more interesting. Samsung is expected to showcase the Galaxy X in next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The device is rumored to have a model number of SM-G888N0, which got a support site last month. However, the site doesn't offer any information about the phone as yet.

It is learnt that the Galaxy X will be a limited edition device with Samsung planning to produce only 100,000 units. However, with all these mouth-watering innovative ideas that Samsung has filed patent for, the demand for the first foldable smartphone might actually be much higher and Samsung may have to re-consider its decision.



Having said that, it is to be noted that only a handful of concepts, that tech companies file patent for, actually make it to the market. Samsung alone has filed a number of patents for foldable phones with different images, but none has make it to the market yet. However, Samsung itself has confirmed that it will release its first foldable smartphone in 2018. Now it remains to be seen if Samsung incorporates all of these concepts in it.

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