Samsung and HARMAN Roll Out New Huddle Room Solutions

Faith Obafemi
Dec 8, 2017

Digital companies and digital transformation is changing the way we do things from work place to collaboration. Aiming at providing cost-effective solutions to a 50 million strong digital workforce, Samsung and HARMAN Professional Solutions have teamed up to announce new huddle room solutions to make for a fulfilling collaboration experience.

Target for this new release happens to be small and medium sized companies who leverage technology to create collaboration spaces. Samsung would combine its visual and audio features with HARMAN's professional video and audio technology. As said by Kevin Morrison, Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions for HARMAN Professional Solutions: “The unparalleled combination of Samsung’s industry-leading visual displays and HARMAN’s pioneering audio and video technology produces the most complete, high-performing solutions available for the modern huddle space. These fully integrated meeting systems provide everything necessary to conduct a seamless and efficient meeting, reducing setup time and ensuring that meetings start and end on time, including video conferencing support, document sharing and more.”

Depending on your needs and preference, you can choose from any of the four huddle room solutions options available below:

Huddle Standard Solution – You could say this is the least expensive option and covers all fundamental needs for collaboration. Small huddle rooms and communal workspaces on this option will have the Samsung DC series with high definition display and of course, HARMAN's AMX Sereno video conferencing camera which comes with a microphone.

Huddle Premium Solution – with this option, you can have a Samsung QMH Series UHD display and HARMAN's AMX Acendo Vibe, which of course has a video. It also comes with a far field microphone array and intended for BYOD.

Huddle Enterprise Solution – .Companies involved in customer-facing collaboration, favour this option. Core features in the above options are available here.

Huddle Enterprise Plus Solution – The solution to rule them all. It's an upgrade of the Huddle Enterprise Solution to a Samsung PMF-BC Series 55" touchscreen display. You're allowed to ditch the keyboard and mouse.

From Q1 2018, you'll be a blue to get the Samsung HARMAN Huddle Room new solutions. However, it will be available only in the US.

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