Samsung Patents Foldable Dual Screen Phone with Focus on Gaming

Dec 21, 2017

Samsung has got us waiting, as the head of Samsung's Mobile division, DJ Koh, has said we can expect it's Foldable dual screen phones as early as 2018. Samsung incorporated has already filed a patent for the concept of a dual-screen phone with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The patent filed by Samsung mobile shows how the phone could be optimized for gaming and watching videos. This innovation would function by opening up the phone while simultaneously utilizing the second screen for controls or settings. It also could include an S Pen like the Galaxy Note series, except with more screen space. Future smartphones can now look forward to utilizing Foldable phones. So, there's no need to carry bigger devices simply because you need more space.

The Samsung patent shows off a folding phone concept that has two separate displays connected by hinges at the bottom and top, instead of a central seam like the Axon M. The ZTE Axon M, a two-screen device that can be viewed four ways, and opens to make one big 6.75 inch screen or even the Nintendo 3DS may be a lookalike of the Samsung patent.

Unlike the Axon M, the Foldable phone incorporates Samsung's curved edge-to-edge displays, which may aid in the illusion that you are looking at one big screen when the phone is opened up. The Axon M, on the other hand, has bezels on the sides of its screens, which creates a big black bar when the phone is opened up. Also, the hinges of the Axon M can only go 180-degrees, while the Samsung foldable phone opens a full 360 degrees.

The Foldable phone, which has been dubbed the Galaxy X or Treble Eight is one way that future phones might look to expand screen space without forcing people to carry around bigger devices. Rollable and flexible phones that fold in on themselves are two other forms Samsung have in mind.

Although rumours have been swirling around the patent, Samsung is yet to give an official date for its launch and we aren't sure if the phone's design would still be the same.

This is a guest post by Asseh Rebecca.

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