Samsung Premium TVs 2018 to come with improved accessibility

Dec 27, 2017

Samsung Electronics has today announced that the 2018 models of the company's premium TVs will come with improved accessibility for users with difficulties in hearing and vision. The premium TVs from Samsung already has numerous features for the aid of users with such difficulties. However, the company has taken another step forward and added some more feature making Samsung TVs more accessible.

The latest development includes features that will help peoples with hearing difficulties and color vision issues. Among the new features is turning the screen into black and white for users with monochromacy, or those who are fully color blind. Samsung has worked on to enhance the contrast ratio and clear the boundaries among images, providing a better viewing experience.

For users with hearing difficulties, Samsung has added a feature to relocate subtitles anywhere on the screen. With this feature, users can relocate subtitles as per their convenience. This will allow them to enjoy watching TVs from any suitable angle.

In November, Samsung had launched the SeeColors application for its Smart TVs. The app was developed by Samsung in collaboration with scientists at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The app diagnoses the user’s visual deficiencies and then automatically calibrates the TV’s color settings to deliver more vivid and accurate viewing experiences.




For diagnosis the user’s visual deficiencies, the user first have to download the SeeColors app on their smartphone. After diagnosis, they have to connect the phone to the SeeColors TV app on their Samsung Smart TV. The app then starts the calibration to display the best results for such users. The results produced by the app are 90% accurate, the company claims.

Samsung had said it will continue working on to lower barriers for users with hearing and vision issues. Staying true to its words, the company has now announced two more features to provide a better TV watching experience for such users.

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