Samsung S Health App updated on Gear S3 to bring improved UI and cleaner widgets

Dec 18, 2017

Samsung has been showing a lot of love to its wearables the past couple of months, pushing updates after updates and hence proving a point that its smartwatches can survive without Android Wear while showing the world the capabilities of Tizen as a flexible alternative. The most massive update we have seen in recent times is the Value Pack update that was pushed to the Gear S3 to bring it on par with the Gear Sport with Tizen 3.0 OS. Post that, there have been some hiccups on the Gear S3 with regards to corrupted watchfaces. Samsung will be pushing a fix for that pretty soon but in the meanwhile, you can follow the workaround we reported earlier.

Now, there is a new update from Samsung and this time it's for the feature-rich Samsung Health (or S Health) app for its smartwatches (we have tested it on the Gear S3, but the Gear S2 and Gear Sport might have also received this update yet). I have for long been lamenting about how the Samsung Health app both on wearables and smartphones is abundant with features but is extremely cluttered due to a poor UI. Well, that has been mostly sorted out on the smartphone side with a recent update.



Now with this update, Samsung is fixing those setbacks on the wearables as well. The update brings in a more simplified and clean UI for the S Health app. The widgets are now more colorful so that users can easily understand the data. It is delightful to see that Samsung is taking its wearable business very seriously and hence we can expect many more interesting updates for the Tizen wearable platform in the future.

So check your Samsung Galaxy Apps Store for the update but be aware, the update can take an extreme amount of time to install, with users reporting it taking between 5 - 10 mins!

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