Samsung and Yandex.Market collaborate to develop a Bixby ecosystem

Efe Udin
Dec 21, 2017

Samsung Electronics is partnering with Yandex.Market, one of the largest Internet trading company in Russia to develop Bixby's intelligent assistant functionality. This relationship makes Yandex.Market the main platform for searching for products using the Bixby Camera. Bixby was built based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which makes it a useful tool for taking care of everyday issues using a compatible Samsung smartphone. Samsung chooses a partner from amongst the leading players in the local market so as to explore all available opportunities for Bixby in Russia. At the moment Bixby is integrated into Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note8 in Russia.

Maxim Grishakov, CEO of Yandex.Market said

"Often to look for goods in appearance is much more convenient than the formal characteristics. It is difficult to accurately describe in words, for example, an unusual kind of teapot or a decorative vase of a certain style, but they can easily be photographed and found from this photo. Thanks to the new capabilities of the Bixby Camera, Samsung users are literally one click away from the product of their dream on the Yandex.Market,"

Owners of Samsung smartphones which is compatible with Bixby in Russia can now have access to a convenient search widget on the Internet with the help of Yandex search. For instance, with the help of Bixby's camera, users can scan the label of a wine, learn about the wine's rating and read about its place of production. The integration of Foursquare allows users to simply point the Bixby camera at any object of interest to get all available information about the object. With the current collaboration with Yandex, users can now search for a product on Yandex.Market if they have an image of the product. This is possible using the integrated technologies of computer vision from Yandex. If you find a product you like, you can simply point your phone camera to the object and hold on to it for a few seconds, during this time, Bixby will scan the product and bring out all the available options on Yandex.Market with information such as its price, and stores where the goods can be purchased. Users can click on the link and make a purchase.

Head of Samsung Mobile in Russia, Dmitry Gostev.

"Samsung systematically develops the ecosystem of Bixby's intelligent assistant to provide users of their smartphones with not only an affordable but also useful service. For this we attract the best partners in every country. Therefore, one of the most popular functions - the search for goods by photo - in Russia is implemented with Yandex.Market. Thanks to this, users of our smartphones have access to more than 160 million offers of products from 20 thousand online stores, "

This feature will be very handy when searching for products that are often looked for not by specific characteristics, but by appearance such as home products, interior decor, accessories etc.

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