Samsung Z4 gets a new update with new stickers in the camera app

Dec 20, 2017

In recent times, Samsung has been really busy with its Tizen wearable platform, pushing updates after updates to its Gear smartwatches and fitness trackers. Meanwhile, on the Tizen smartphone side, there hasn't been many developments for a while now and even updates have become scarce lately. But now, Samsung has addressed that problem in the best way possible by releasing a new OTA update for the Tizen 3.0 running Samsung Z4 smartphone.

The update brings the version number to Z400FDDU0BQK3 and carries quite a decent amount of changelogs including bug fixes and performance improvement with it. The officially listed changelogs are as shown below-

  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
  • New and/or enhanced features.
  • Further improvements to performance.
  • To get the best from your device. please keep your device up to

While normally these OTA updates which Samsung sends to its Tizen smartphones hardly bring any notable changes or new features to improve the experience, this time around that is not the case as with this new update for the Z4 as it features some new things embedded in the default camera app.

The Z4 certainly doesn't have the computing power required for newer technologies such as Augmented Reality, hence Samsung has done a bit of improvising on the latest update and added a new sticker feature in the camera app. With that, you can overlay funny stickers on top of your pictures in real time. Sticker's aside there's even a set of funny filters you can make use of to cartoonize you and have a laugh with your friends.

The update size is 47.3 MB, check under Settings>About Device>Check updates if you haven't been notified of the update already.

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