Samsung's latest patent could allow you to remember your forgotten password through palm scanning

Faith Obafemi
Dec 1, 2017

Your ancestor's fortune tellers probably used palm reading to unlock the secrets of their future. Although Samsung has no intention to foresee your future...yet, it just registered a patent that allows you remember a forgotten password through palm scanning.

Development of such a security figure should probably not be surprising considering the Electronics giant takes security features very seriously. After all, Samsung (compared with other brands) proudly has the most security features on its flagship devices. You'll find fingerprint sensor, pattern, iris and facial recognition, PIN and password for keeping your device away from unauthorized persons.

The patent application seems to suggest that Samsung has found (and still working on) a way to ensure that those protecting their device with a password have an easy way to get a hint of the password in case they forget.


Each palm has several intricate lines which all differ from one person to another. Samsung says it will help you remember your forgotten password by hiding the hint for the password in those unique scattered palm lines! Before you assume that this feature sounds identical to a fingerprint sensor, please note that there's a difference. The primary goal of the palm scanning is to verify the identity of the person looking for the password hint.

In describing the patent in the patent application, Samsung stated that the front camera would be used to take the palm scan. This raises issues of security as someone else could easily get around it. To counter this, Samsung came up with a creative and more secure way of getting the palm scan, which is by someone taking a headshot of you with your hand stretched out palm-face up. Samsung hopes that as you look at the several words placed on the lines, you'll be able to recall your forgotten password.

However, there is yet no official statement as to whether this idea would be fully fleshed out. Especially, considering the fact that Samsung is currently focusing on the 3D face recognition feature.

Isn't it amazing to find out there are other uses of your palm apart from fortune telling?

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