Samsung's semi-annual global strategy meeting to begin this week under new CEOs

Dec 11, 2017

Samsung Electronics follows a routine of holding two semi-annual meetings with all its Senior executives and Chief executives during June and December every year. Now that we are in December, Samsung is slated to hold its global strategy meeting in Suwon, South Korea starting from this week. The meeting will focus on sharing the company's goal and strategies of different divisions under newly in charge Chief Executives.


There have been a number of change of heads at the top this year for Samsung. And hence to prevent any miscommunication that could affect the Company's business, this session will play a crucial role. Consumer electronics division's new chief Kim Hyun-suk along with Mobile units division's new chief Koh Dong-jin will be sharing their new year's goals and strategies at the event.

Followed by that, the company's Chip unit will have a special meeting with scheduled to take place on the 19th of December in its Giheung office. Among the issues that will be discussed during the meeting period as reported earlier, one of the key issues that will be discussed is on how the company can prepare in advance to respond to uncertainty in the global business market, seek new income sources while boosting profitability in the absence of the chairman Lee Kun-hee and his son Lee Jae-yong.

Apart from that, there will be discussions related to its Semiconductor business as well as the upcoming flagship device- Galaxy S9 and the much awaited foldable smartphones. With the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES 2018) just around the corner, Samsung will also be discussing all the products it will be launching and showcasing at the Global event. Solidifying business in emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc will also be discussed during the meeting.

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