Samsung's Smart Speaker to be Launched First Half of 2018

Faith Obafemi
Dec 15, 2017



A smart fridge, a smart washing machine and of course, a smart phone are not the only things Samsung wants to be known for. The electronics giant is now looking to add a smart speaker to its repertoire.

Since the beginning of this year, Samsung had been working on joining the smart speaker fray with Apple and Alexa in producing smart speakers.

Fans thus welcomed with joy Samsung's announcement that we could expect something of that nature "soon," well, soon happens to be in the first half of 2018.


Samsung intends to make a grand entry in the smart speaker market by launching a Bixby-powered product. Bixby is Samsung's Digital, Artificial Intelligence powered, online assistant. She can tell you the weather, obey commands, respond to questions and remind you about a meeting.

Mark Gurman and Min Jeong Lee of Bloomberg made a report on this development following their interview of those involved in the plans of the big launch in 2018. Features of the device will be a focus on audio quality and integration with smart home/IoT gadgets. You will definitely be able to synchronize the new device with Samsung's other products, from smartphones to smart watches, smart TVs and smart fridges.

Samsung's smart speaker might just be the competition for Apple's HomePod which works with Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.

On why the long awaited device is still under development, some rumours have it that Samsung is still working on perfecting the smart speaker's feature of being able to conduct web searches through a voice command.

With a price tag of $200, Samsung hopes to penetrate the market in 2018 by taking over multiple markets. Since it's a flexible price plan, the above quoted figure is likely to change.

In terms of size, for those who have seen the prototype version, the size is said to be similar to Amazon's latest Echo speaker. For colour, there are no absolutes on that yet, but it's safe to expect a variety of colours or at least something black.

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