SmartThings App update brings you Fingerprint Authentication and Touch ID

Dec 6, 2017

Samsung owned SmartThings Inc. has pioneered Smart Home technology for some time now. The company is frequently releasing new devices and updates to its app, bringing in loads of new features and improvements. The recent releases by SmartThings include the Scenes, Smart Lock and the do-it-yourself (DIY) security and home automation solution.

What makes SmartThings' home automation solutions even more intriguing is its easy-to-use smartphone app, aka the remote controller. The app is basically a one-point remote controller for all the devices and services by SmartThings. From controlling the lighting to checking if the doors are locked, the app does it all, remotely. Literally, the app is the controlling hub of your home security. Now with so much at stake, the app very much needs to be highly secured. Just obliging the customers' needs, SmartThings has now introduced Fingerprint Authentication and Touch ID to its app. Fingerprint Authentication and Touch ID provides a simple and secure solution for verifying customer identity. You no longer need to enter a PIN or password every time you open the SmartThings app.



How does it work?

Once you enable Fingerprint Authentication or Touch ID in the SmartThings app, it will require your fingerprint to “unlock” the app. You no longer need to worry about the security of your home even if your phone gets into the wrong hands. You can also rest assured that your children won't open SmartThings app and lock you in a room while playing games on your phone.


Now if you're thinking what if my phone's fingerprint scanner is unable to identify my fingerprint! Well, let me tell you that everything's still fine. Just sign in to the SmartThings app using your SmartThings or Samsung account and regain access.

How can I use it?

You can use this new feature by SmartThings's if your phone has a fingerprint scanner and supports Fingerprint Authentication (Android) or Touch ID (iOS). Here's the step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  1. Tap the Menu (Android) / More (iOS) in the SmartThings app
  2. Tap Fingerprint Authentication (Android) / Touch ID (iOS)
  3. Toggle the Fingerprint switch to the ON state
  4. Tap Done

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