UK Street Dancer Ashley Banjo shows off the Samsung Gear S3

Dec 26, 2017

Samsung has a new smartwatch in its arsenal with the Gear Sport but like I have always ranted in my earlier posts, it still doesn't qualify as a Flagship smartwatch in my book as in my opinion the Gear S3 has still a firm grip on that throne in Samsung's wearable line up. Sure, the Gear Sport has a lot of unique features but most, if not all of those new features are fitness related. So it makes sense to call the Gear Sport as a flagship fitness tracker.




Samsung seems to agree with me here as it is still keeping the Gear S3 relevant with advertising and promotions. And most recently, Samsung has partnered with popular UK Street Dancer Ashley Banjo to showcase once again the capabilities of the Gear S3. The video features Ashley Banjo donning the Gear S3 in his daily life going through dance sessions while the Gear S3 keeps monitoring his activities hence highlighting the fitness tracking capabilities of the smartwatch.

Being the flagship smartwatch in Samsung's line up, Samsung gave the Gear S3 a flagship treatment recently by pushing a major OTA update called the Value Pack update and hence it bringing it on level terms with the Gear Sport by running the latest Tizen 3.0 OS. The update has mostly enhanced the overall user experience of the Gear S3 with new features that were initially exclusive to the Gear Sport (and the Gear Fit2 Pro) such as Continuous Heart Rate monitoring, Watch only mode, etc. However, there have been a couple of hiccups as well with watchface issues and reduced battery life. But Samsung has now pushed a fix for that as well.

You can watch the Video featuring Ashley banjo with the Gear S3 below-


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