Video - Samsung Remote Management Solution

Dec 20, 2017

Samsung Electronics today released a video on YouTube, highlighting the remote management capabilities of the new system-on-chip (SoC) platform, Tizen. Samsung Remote Management is a one-on-one support with Samsung technician over the internet.

SoC are the chips used on our mobile phones or tablets. These chips have all the PC components on it. SoC can run remote management capabilities when put into LED screens, touch kiosks or outdoor screens. With SoC, there’s no need for an external media player. Furthermore, installation of the Samsung Remote Management Solution is very much easy and hassle-free.

In the video, Kevin Mcglasson, European Business Development Manager for transportation, Samsung, talks about the remote management capabilities of the new SoC platform, Tizen. The Remote Management Solution comes with a server dashboard that lists all the connected screens. Any of the screens can be accessed right from the dashboard to see what’s exactly happening on the screen the very moment. There is a software remote controller to control that particular screen. So if someone’s got a problem with their screen, they can just phone-up the remote management support team and get instant service.


The server also has a statistics board, that provides live feedback on the stats of connected screens. If the screen shows no signal or is disconnected from the network, the e-mail settings will automatically send a mail to the specified address. The server also lets the support staff update the firmware of the connected screens. There’s a users section, which lets the server admin assign users with limited roles and permissions on the dashboard.

As far as the security is concerned, Samsung Remote Management Solution is secured by Samsung Knox. The SoC Tizen solution security has been sandboxed into three layers – Application, Platform and System. If any of the layers is compromised, the access to other layers gets blocked. Samsung says they’ll soon launch the ability to disable USB ports and Wi-Fi right from the server, further upgrading the security of the platform.


Video - Samsung Remote Management Solution

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