World's first Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) 1.3 announced by Samsung

Efe Udin
Dec 22, 2017

Yesterday, Samsung Electronics announced the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) 1.3 certification. This is the first system-on-module family globally to be certified by OCF standards. This certification works for Samsung ARTIK™ 05x series of modules which enables gadgets with OCF standards to be easily produced. Some of the features which have set benchmarks on OCF standards includes Wi-Fi™, interoperability, hardware and software solutions. This standard ensures privacy, safety, and reliability of connected products. OCF 1.3 certification assures interoperability with OCF specific testing and certification, improving time-to-market, and enhancing the customer experience. With this foundation launched by Samsung, companies can now easily design a smart gadget to meet up with OCF standards, and this gadget can be interconnected with any other gadget that meets the standard regardless of manufacturer, form factor, operating system or service providers.

James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ARTIK™ IoT, Samsung Electronics said

“This is a big win for our customers,”...“Not only can they get to market faster with our production-ready, secure system-on-modules, but they can leverage ARTIK™ OCF and radio certifications to ensure that their products will work together.”

John Park, Executive Director, OCF said

“Samsung has been a major contributor to the OCF effort to drive standards for IoT,”...“We’re delighted that the company is not only adopting the standards themselves but helping provide products that contribute to the goal of building devices that ‘just work’ with each other.”

To start the development of a wide range of IoT apps, the high-performance, pre-certified Samsung ARTIK™ 05x series system-on-modules considers processors, memory, communications, hardened security, and software. Samsung ARTIK™ IoT platform provides end-to-end software, hardware, and cloud solution so that other companies can seamlessly link directly and operate safely.  This announcement is definitely a step forward in the development of IoT as it paves the way for the easy production of different compatible devices.

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