Acer Chrome OS Tablet spotted at Bett Education Expo

Jan 30, 2018

Google's offering two open source operating systems, Android and Chrome OS, has drawn some criticism and market confusion. But this didn't stop Chrome OS from carving out a sizeable market chunk for itself, primarily in the education field. With growing Android App support, it now appears to be expanding on to tablets as well. A photo has emerged in a now-deleted tweet that appears to be an Acer tablet running Chrome OS.

At the recently concluded Bett education and technology show in London, Acer officially unveiled three Chrome OS devices: two Chromebooks and a Chromebox. However, one of the attendee at the event, Alister Payne, managed to get a photo of one more Chrome OS device from Acer. The photo, posted on Twitter by @Alister_Payne, clearly shows what would be the first Chrome OS tablet. There's a visible Acer logo on the bottom bezel. The tweet has now been deleted, but not before ChromeUnboxed, preserved it. Check it out.



There aren’t any specific details available about the device yet, but from the looks of it, the tablet likely has a display of between 8″ and 10″. The display aspect ratio seems to be 4:3 and the user-interface clearly hints that the tablet is running Chrome OS. ChromeUnboxed also pointed out that the device was accompanied by a Staedtler stylus.

Acer certainly had no plans of unveiling the device at the Bett show. But with the Android tablet space looking kind of stagnant, it can only be exciting that Chrome OS tablets are on the way. No official announcement has been made but the fact remains that it’s there, in the flesh. We might get to know more about it, or even see an official reveal at Google’s I/O developer conference in May.

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