Akita, the digital watchdog to help monitor and secure your smart home

Jan 8, 2018

Smart home technology has grown some folds in the last couple of years. More people are adopting smart home technology every day. But are smart homes secure too? Yes, technology is definitely there to make our smart homes secure. But still, a number of reports about smart home hacks keep surfacing on the news. So what is the technology lacking of? A watchdog? Well, if a watchdog is what the smart home technology lacking then the wait is over! Say hello to Akita - a digital watchdog for this digital world.


What is Akita?

If you're a dog lover, then chances are that you've heard of this name, Akita. It is a dog breed originating from Japan. But we're not talking about the real dog, right? No, definitely not! The Akita we're talking here about is a digital watchdog that protects your smart home from IoT invasions and hacks.


How does it work?

Akita connects to a LAN port on your router, scans your network for unusual activity and, if it finds any, immediately shuts that device down simultaneously alerting you via an accompanying app. To fix the issue, users can then contact always on-call privacy experts at and restore their privacy. Akita uses threat intelligence, behavioural analysis, machine learning to make sure that it works side-by-side without slowing down the network.


What about my privacy?

Unlike other home security devices, Akita won't use Deep Packet Inspection, a method the company deems too invasive since it scans and reads your data. Instead, Akita uses IPS security method that only looks at which IoT devices should be communicating. It doesn't even have access to your data, the company claims. If any anomalies show up, it instantly shuts the devices and contacts the experts at



What are its features?

  • Continuous scanning for unusual activity
  • Immediate blocking of malicious programs
  • Easy-to-use smartphone app
  • Real-time app notifications
  • Corporate level security
  • Works worldwide
  • Always on, 24/7 expert support
  • Approved member of IoTSF
  • Device recognition


Where to get Akita?

The company will begin the mass production of the kit in February 2018. The devices are expected to be delivered by July and are priced at $89. However, the price may vary, depending upon the services you opt for.


How do I set up Akita?

  • Plug Akita into a LAN port on the router
  • Install the Akita app and register
  • Scan your Akita barcode
  • Enter your username and password


Akita Demo

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