Amazon Echo Spot now available for Pre-order in the UK

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 18, 2018

The Amazon Echo Spot is not your everyday alarm clock, in fact, calling it an alarm clock is a slap in its face. The Echo Spot delivers Alexa to you in a compact design and connects to your smart home. While its 2.5-inch display handles video calls, displays up-to-the-minute calendar updates and it is portable so it can fit in anywhere in your home. Basically, its a smaller Echo show and its lack of size and reduced output make it cheaper than the Echo Show. The Echo spot gives you information about the weather and news with video briefing right on your bedside.

The Spot has some great features such as allowing you make video calls to other Echo devices with screens while voice calls can be made to the Echo and Echo Dot through the Amazon app.  If you own more than one Echo, the Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) enables Alexa to respond intelligently from the Echo Spot closest to you. The screen has 16 different designs both analogue and digital from which you can select from and the camera on the same spot as its auto-brightness sensor. You even get four designs customised with your photos.

It provides buttons for volume control at the top of the Echo Spot as well as four far-field microphones. The Echo Spot is equipped with a 1.4-inch speaker that sounds better than the Echo Dot, enhanced noise cancellation and beam-forming technology. This device can be used as a smart cam monitor, you can just fix it up in your nursery. It affords you 10 seconds blurred image if you decided to drop-in on family and friends. That way you can get presentable before making video calls.

This little piece of tech will be available in the UK by the 24th of January for £119.99. That's way cheaper than the Echo Show which is priced at £200. You will also save up to £40 if you order two Echo spots.

If you are Interested then click on the Buy now link below:

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