Apple Watch: Smart control for your Smart Home

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 25, 2018

Apple Watch

The Apple smartwatch does a whole lot more than just tracking health and fitness. It is a smart device that can be used to control a single smart home device or even an entire setup. The smartphone has been the most popular way of controlling and managing your smart home devices but now you can turn to your wrist to perform these functions.

These accessories provide an Apple user with the opportunity of being part of the smart home revolution. With the introduction of the Home Kit, your iPhone, iPad, Apple smartwatch and Siri is perfectly synchronised and in control of your smart home devices. Such that with your Apple smartwatch you can control light bulbs, get your gadgets to communicate with each other and get access to different products.




Smart Speakers

The Apple smartwatch augments with your iPhone and takes all the incoming alerts, notifications, and messages from your apps and filters them down to your smartwatch screen. This way your Apple smartwatch automatically installs the Watch OS versions of the apps on your phone. So, with an app like Airplay, you can control your HomePod speakers right from your wrist.  By tapping on the app you get a list of output options you can connect to. With your Apple Watch, you can forward, reverse, shuffle, pause, play and even control the volume with your  HomPod speakers. You can also ask Siri to play your song, "Siri play a song from the 80's".



Apple TV

Searching for the TV remote or your phone before pausing a movie can be frustrating but with the Apple watch, you can control your Apple TV from your wrist. The remote app is installed by default to Apple watch with this app you can pause and play movies, interact with content on your home screen and control music.


Controlling the air quality in your home can be done from the bed, the kitchen table and anywhere within the home from your Apple Watch. From the Ecobee 3 watch app, you get notification of the current temperature and you can also adjust the temperature. Options such as Fan auto, Fanon Home and away can be accessed from the watch. The Ecobee 3 and Ecobee lite work with individual temperature sensors for different rooms. So when you get a notification from your child's playroom you can adjust the temperature of the room.



With the Philip Hue watch app, you can control the  Smart Lighting system of the Philip Hue line from your wrist. You can adjust the brightness of the light from the first screen or turn it completely on or off. If you swipe left to view the second screen, you can change the light to any one of the six pre-set colours. You can also use Siri on your Apple Watch, just say " Siri turn on my bedroom light".



Security Camera

You can keep tabs on your loved ones or find out if someone entered your room from your Apple Watch.  The Nokia Home Security Camera can allow you review what occurred during the day from your smartwatch. You'll be able to watch live streams from your cameras, receive snapshots and motion detection alerts. You can also launch a lullaby from the watch in case your baby stars crying. You can also utilize the viewfinder on your iPhone's iSight camera by propping the camera somewhere while assessing it through your Apple smartwatch.



Smart Door lock

You can lock and unlock your door right from your wrist. With the August smart lock, you can control your door and keep track of who comes and goes. With the August free app, you can automatically lock your door behind you and automatically unlocks as you arrive from your Apple Watch. It attaches to your existing deadbolt and in about 10 minutes it is installed. You can also tell Siri to lock and unlock the door. You can easily monitor your smart home gadgets from the notifications you get on your Apple Watch. Also, the Apple "Taptic Engine" on your smartwatch would alert you seconds before you get an alert. That way, you can carry your smart home devices around on your wrist.

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