CES 2018 Announcement of a Blockchain-based Messaging App, Hologram and a No Glasses 3D

Faith Obafemi
Jan 11, 2018

For the past three days, Las Vegas has been hosting the largest electronic conference of the year, CES 2018. Even yesterday's two-hour blackout could not dampen the literally electric experience participants have been having since the beginning of the event.

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One of the best highlights of the event was High TV presenting some new technological inventions to a raptly attentive audience. Being well known worldwide as an extensive 4K, 3D and holographic content provider, High TV made some announcements that touch on the content and services they provide.

high tv iot

The first was for their glasses-free 3D content which means, you would no longer need those alien looking glasses to watch your 3D movies and games soon.

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SuchApp's token, SPS will be used for transactions on the messaging platform. There is optimism that this could turn out to become the next Facebook.
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Electronic hardware giants, Huawei and Samsung are in partnerships with High TV to deliver the company's advanced content to millions of subscribers dispersed around the globe. High TV delivers content in ultra HD relating to lifestyle, tourism, entertainment, travel and sports to subscribers of its High 4K TV and High 3D TV networks.

"Users are hungry for new and exciting ways to consume content. Holograms and glasses free 3D are the future for movies, games and sports and we're proud to be on the forefront of these trends. With SuchApp we're launching a complete ecosphere that combines realtime messaging with 4K content  integrated with cutting edge blockchain technology."Ronny Shany, Co Founder of High TV at the CES 2018 Presentation

high tv iot

SuchApp would be High TV's biggest project yet. It stands out from other blockchain buzz projects in the sense that there is an already developed a product. Unlike most other blockchain products with just an idea of a product or no product idea at all!

Later this month, the company would release the alpha version of the app with the following features:

  • Support full encryption of messages (texts, audio, videos), including group chats
  • Advanced group functions
  • Location-based messaging
  • Create and manage loyalty programs for group members
  • Award physical gift cards that can be used offline
  • Integrated digital wallet
  • Branding and customer service features specifically tailored for businesses

Perhaps the most notable feature of SuchApp is its integrated digital wallet that allows users maximize their digital currency use. Yet to see another instant messaging app come up with this feature.

To buttress this, Shany said "We want to make sure our early supporters receive the treatment they deserve. They're getting in on the ground floor of something truly revolutionary and will receive perks that others won't."

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