CES 2018: What smart home gadgets can we expect?

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 5, 2018

The doors of Las Vegas will be open to the tech-world in a few days as the dates for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 is January 9th to January 12th. Top tech firms are already making announcements of what they plan to bring to the world's biggest tech Show. Some of the latest innovations the tech community should be on the lookout for include smart home gadgets. These smart home gadgets can connect to your home network and can automate and synchronize items in homes and offices



Voice Assistants

The expectation for this year's CES Smart home gadgets is an expansion of the smart home's reach to new types of devices and diverse offerings within existing categories. Recent smart home devices now have support for voice assistance and Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice assistance have been gaining a lot of momentum recently.

The CES of this year will likely show an increase in compatibility with these platforms. Apples Home kit platform with Siri is expected to make a major comeback after doing away with its rule of compatible devices having special chip built-in to enable integration. Samsung will introduce its Bixby voice assistant for TV.

TV's with HDR formats

Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and Technicolor’s Advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) are still emerging, we expect more on the development of (HDR). Samsung and others are at the forefront of the HDR10+ but Dolby Vision is gaining momentum in the premium segment. LG is also planning to launch its first Crystal Sound OLED at the CES.


Health wearables should be anticipated for CES 2018. Two areas off the CES show floor will be dedicated to health and fitness tech - the space will span 63,000 square feet. Health and fitness gadgets like connected blood pressure monitors, medical alert devices designed for seniors, gluten sensors, fertility monitors, and sleep trackers.

Tech lovers should anticipate Electric cars, scrabble Playing Robots, sensors and connected microscopes, sensors for the CES 2018.

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