Google Home Matches Your Voice to Your Netflix Profile

Faith Obafemi
Jan 24, 2018

Finally, AI can read humans! Well, maybe not exactly. However, your Google Home can now know who watches what on Netflix via voice match. This is especially helpful in a home where the different occupants each have different Netflix profiles.

Google Home, one of Google's Assistant devices, was launched in the last quarter of 2016. The amazing smart speaker/ AI assistant had some features upgraded in August last year. Now it can cater to multiple users by differentiating each via voice recognition. This is just an extended feature of other Google Assistants which can bring up calendars or commute schedule via just voice recognition.


That's why you find Google Home in most homes where more than one person is resident. More homes are also using the device, especially now that it integrates smoothly with Netflix.

A home with different people resident is very likely to have multiple Netflix accounts. Setting up your Google Home and adding your own Netflix account is actually petty straightforward:

  • Launch your Google Home App
  • Locate Menu
  • Click on 'More Settings'
  • Navigate to 'Videos and Photos'
  • Tap 'Manage Profile' just under the Netflix icon.
  • Above step takes you to Netflix's website
  • Choose your preferred profile which you wish to link to your Google Home.
  • You're all set!


Once you're done with the above steps, the next time you tell Google Home to play something on Netflix, it will use the profile which matches the voice. So, you get to continue your favorite action movie series from where you left off, rather than your sister's rom-com series.

Now you can save yourself from being pestered with cartoon recommendations which your kids have been watching.

For any family member who wishes to set up their own account, they must also follow the steps we've outlined above to link their voices and Google Home to their Netflix profile accounts. Good thing the process takes just less than a minute to set up.

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