HomeCare Wizard: Samsung's very own self-diagnosing solution for Smart Appliances

Jan 27, 2018

Samsung Electronics has always been vocal about its vision of an interconnected intelligent world. A world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play an integral role, where everything from our phones to our refrigerators will possess some sort of intelligence to help us seamlessly interact with our surroundings. We're still far from there, but AI definitely does have the potential to make it happen. Almost every day, various high-end intelligent and connected devices are emerging around us that catch our attention. However, one of such extensively researched innovative technology from Samsung has somewhat gone unnoticed. Yes, we're talking about Samsung Electronics’ HomeCare Wizard. The unique AI-based service solution from Samsung enables devices to diagnose themselves for system errors, enhances the efficiency of the appliances, making our lives more convenient and easier.

What is HomeCare Wizard?

Launched with Samsung's QuickDrive washing machines, HomeCare Wizard is a self-diagnosing solution available on Samsung’s smart home appliances. The solution utilizes AI learning to offer users benefits that go above and beyond the scope of traditional diagnostic services, which are typically limited to cut-and-dry system errors. HomeCare Wizard’s advanced algorithm, however, goes beyond that. It also alerts users of less obvious factors that may be affecting their device’s efficiency, in particular, non-system related errors. For instance, if your air conditioner isn't giving enough cool breeze due to something like a contaminated filter, which you can easily clean on your own, HomeCare Wizard can quickly diagnose it and send alerts to you. Furthermore, if HomeCare Wizard determines an issue that does not require a service professional to fix, it will provide simple instructions to help users solve the problem by themselves.



HomeCare Wizard sends all the diagnostic data of any device directly to the Samsung service center. So, in case you need help from the service center to get to the bottom of any particular problem, they'll already be aware of the nature of the problem and its solution even before you make the call.

Why HomeCare Wizard?

When our devices aren't behaving the way they are supposed to, and we are not sure why, we often end up spending hours on the Internet or contacting a service center for answers or waiting for a technician to arrive and fix it. With HomeCare Wizard, users literally save a whole lot of that time. The technology essentially enables our devices to diagnose and even provide solutions themselves.

HomeCare Wizard also has an added benefit. The technology lets users monitor energy use and usage patterns of their devices, making them more efficient. With a connected mobile app, users will receive regular usage reports, 24-hour troubleshooting and diagnostics. The technology also provides users with customized tips based on their usage patterns of a particular appliance. This means a washing machine can determine which laundry cycles are used most frequently and notify users of the same.



How Does it Work?

HomeCare Wizard compares a device’s previous operation alongside its current status in order to diagnose recurring problems. The AI learning capability, coupled with the constant study and improvement of algorithms by Samsung makes it all happen. HomeCare Wizard effectively analyzes and studies changes in sensor data while the appliances are running. So, the more often you use your device, the more precisely HomeCare Wizard can suggest solutions.



HomeCare Wizard made its debut with the QuickDrive washing machines last year. The solution will be available on a wide range of Samsung’s 2018 smart home appliances. This includes all the latest and upcoming washing machines, Family Hub refrigerators, air conditioners, cooking appliances, and robot vacuum cleaners from Samsung.

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