Jio Republic Day 2018 offer: Everything you need to know

Jan 24, 2018

Right from the day one of its introduction, Reliance Jio has caused quite a stir in the Indian telecom market with its drastically cheap tariffs. In order to stay competitive, other telecom operators followed the suite soon, announcing one after another revisions in their tariffs. Continuing doing so, Reliance Jio has now made one more cut in tariffs to counter Bharati Airtel's recent revamping of its data plans.

Highlights of the new Jio data plan

  • Jio plans with 1GB data per day will now offer 1.5GB per day.
  • Similarly, 1.5GB per day plans will offer 2GB data per day.
  • The validity of Rs. 98 plan increased to 28 days from 14 days.

Earlier this month, Reliance Jio revised its plans, offering more data, increasing validity period and also slashing down the tariff rates by Rs. 50. Named as Happy New Year 2018 offer, the notable changes in the plans included the introduction of new 1.5 GB per day plan and cutting down the tariff rate of 1 GB per day plan by Rs. 50.

Bharati Airtel countered Jio's move and launched a revamped data plan of its own. Now countering Airtel's revision, Jio is all set to rejig its data plans one more time. Dubbed as Republic Day 2018 offer, the new plans will be effective from 26th of January, the day India celebrates its Republic Day.



Jio Republic Day 2018 Offer

Under the new offer, Jio users will get up to 50% more data on plans priced Rs. 149 or above. Jio's 1 GB data per day plans are priced at Rs. 149, Rs. 349, Rs. 399 and Rs. 449 with validities of 28 days, 70 days, 84 days and 91 days. Now with Republic Day 2018 offer, the high-speed data cap on these plans has been raised by 50% to 1.5 GB per day.

The high-speed data cap on 1.5 GB data per day plans has been raised to 2 GB per day. This means the plans priced at Rs. 198, Rs. 398, Rs. 448 and Rs. 498 will now offer 2 GB high-speed data per day with a validity of 28 days, 70 days 84 days and 91 days.

Updated Jio Plans

Price Current data allowance Data allowance from January 26 Validity Total high-speed data
Rs. 149 1GB per day 1.5GB per day 28 days 42GB
Rs. 198 1.5GB per day 2GB per day 28 days 56GB
Rs. 349 1GB per day 1.5GB per day 70 days 105GB
Rs. 398 1.5GB per day 2GB per day 70 days 140GB
Rs. 399 1GB per day 1.5GB per day 84 days 126GB
Rs. 448 1.5GB per day 2GB per day 84 days 168GB
Rs. 449 1GB per day 1.5GB per day 91 days 136GB
Rs. 498 1.5GB per day 2GB per day 91 days 182GB


The Rs. 98 plan has also been revised to offer twice the current validity. Users will now get 28 days validity with the plan, up from 14 days. However, the data allowance with the plan has been reduced. Currently, users get 150 MB 4G data per day with the plan. The revised plan now offers 2 GB 4G data for the entire 28 days, roughly 73 MB per day. Jio has, however, made no changes to the Rs. 299 plan. This literally turns it a redundant one as subscribers will get the same benefit (2 GB per day for 28 days) at Rs. 198.

In order to avail the Jio Republic Day 2018 offer, customers will have to buy a new recharge pack on or after January 26, 2018. The new plan will be effective as soon as the user's current plan expires. Users can also deactivate their current plan from My Jio app and activate the new plan as soon as they buy it. However, the remaining validity period of the existing plan will not be added to the new plan.

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