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Jan 17, 2018

Now, some good news for Tizen 3.0 users and specifically I mean Samsung Z4 users in India, as a new beta test is now available again for you. Recently this same group has tested a beta for telegram unofficial app.

A new app named Express Web Apps has been released, but at this point, it is only available for Samsung Z4 users in India. By features the users can add some popular Indian websites to their home screen for quick access and get app-like experience.


Let’s see the description by the developers:

Express Web App, opens up a store of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to you. The app dynamically lists down most popular and/or frequently used apps in India which are currently not available in the Tizen Store. The required apps from the list can be added to the device Homescreen as regular apps. All these apps once added can be further launched from the Homescreen. Express Web App will work only on Tizen 3.0 devices or its later versions.



  • Dynamically lists Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Enables the user to ADD the PWAs to the device Homescreen
  • Uninstallation of the Express Web App removes all the added PWAs from the device Homescreen


Applicable only for Z4 users residing in India.

Now you can join this beta contest if you are an Indian Samsung Z4 user and if you qualify as in top 5 feedbackers you can win worth ₹1,000 as your gift.


Join here

To recap, the contest is already underway since 15th January and we welcome your feedback. In order to join the competition and further Information, click here.

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