Moto Z to get New Camera Moto Mod, Drone Mod, Improved Projector Mod and more

Jan 30, 2018

While the majority of the smartphone industry is going all gaga about Bezel-less 18:9 displays, Dual Camera, AI assistants, under display fingerprint scanners and of course the Notch, Motorola have a unique line of smartphones in its Moto Z series which are capable of doing things that other smartphone users can only dream of. Through the modular Moto Mods accessories, the Moto Z series smartphones can be transformed into things you wouldn't expect a smartphone to do like a projector, polaroid photo printer, 360-degree camera, etc. And then there are a number of Moto Mods which enhance the smartphone user experience or add new functionalities like the Battery Mod, Wireless Charging Mod, Physical slider keyboard Mod, Gamepad Mod, Speaker Mod, etc.

Motorola had promised to keep the Moto Mods compatible for a minimum of three generations of Moto Z smartphones and the company has maintained its word to date. Moto recently at a special event in China showcased a new set of Moto Mods that would be hitting the stores later this year. These included a Tablet Mod, Zeiss SLR Camera Mod, Rotatable Camera Mod, Lego Mod, Keyboard Mod and more.

But now, a Redditor has thrown out spoilers on a few more Moto Mods which Moto has been tight-lipped about. The redditor apparently was part of a private conference in which a number of Motorola's vendors were in attendance. The list of Moto Mods that were showcased during this conference include-

  • An updated version of the Insta Share Projector mod with 35% more brightness and a larger battery.
  • Camera Mod with interchangeable lenses from Sony, Canon, and Nikon.
  • A low-cost speaker mod (probable competition for the soundboost mod).
  • A drone mod with a 4K camera, which has the capability of taking aerial selfies.

Out of the four, it is claimed that the drone mod was almost a done deal but the manufacturer pulled out at the last moment. The exact reason for pulling out is unknown but the manufacturer had apparently claimed a battery life of 2 hours which sounds really shady as even DJI's latest portable drone Mavic Air can only do 21 minutes of flight on a full charge.

Sadly the conference had strictly prohibited photography so we don't have any first looks at the aforementioned Moto Mods. But we might get to know more about them as the days go by.

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