Move aside Cortana! Alexa is all set to invade Windows 10 PCs starting with Acer, Asus and HP

Jan 9, 2018

The war of the consumer AI assistants has already set foot in 2018 with a bang and its Amazon's Alexa creating all the noises. What started off as a cute little voice assistant in Amazon's cylindrical shaped speakers is all set to explore new devices in 2018. This was bound to happen as Alexa had already made its way into a number of products late 2017 starting with Amazon's own line of Fire tablets and Fire TV products. That was followed up with integrations into third-party devices such as the HTC U11, a Moto Mod for Moto Z line of smartphone and a number of speakers and smartwatches as well.

But this year Alexa is making its way to Windows 10 powered computers courtesy of a couple of OEMs such as HP, Acer and Asus to start with. This is kind of a big deal as Windows 10 natively comes with Microsoft's own AI assistant Cortana. So Alexa is directly making entry into its competition's own yard and win over the users by providing Amazon's suite of services along with the ability to control Alexa connected IoT devices right from your PCs.

As mentioned earlier, HP will bring Alexa support to its uniquely designed Pavilion Wave desktop PC which from the outside looks like a big speaker that is crammed with PC components on the inside. This is a perfect hardware for Alexa as the Pavilion wave has a number of mics to receive voice commands more accurately. On the other hands, Acer will be rolling out Alexa as an update to a good number of its PCs such as the Aspire range of AIO desktop computers and even notebooks from its Spin, Swift, and Switch range. Lastly, Asus is expected to bring new Notebooks from the Zenbook and Vivobook range with builtin Alexa support rather than pushing an update for its existing product.

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