Omron Healthcare unveils HearthGuide - A blood pressure tracking smartwatch

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 10, 2018

Omron Healthcare, makers of home blood pressure revealed the idea of Project Zero last year and now has revealed HeartGuide, a smartwatch that monitors blood pressure at CES 2018. The wearable is a blood pressure monitor and activity tracker all rolled into one that is centred on monitoring your complete health. The smartwatch will measure the pulse as well as take readings at night whilst your resting. Patients suffering from hypertension will really appreciate this device since heart attacks are more common in the mornings.

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An updated version of Omron Connect will function with the wearable once it’s released. The recently updated app will play a vital role in the wearable's functionality. You can keep health data in an easy-to-navigate graph format, which you can monitor as frequently as you want. This Information can be shared with your doctors and other healthcare personnel from right within the app. Omron Healthcare is trying to establish itself in the digital health segment and wearable space against some pretty tough competition. The newest version of the Omron Connect app will function with all contemporary Omron-made health equipment.

The Omron HeartGuide is born out of an idea to reduce the sizes of blood pressure monitoring devices. So, users can wear a wristwatch that functions as a health monitor and blood pressure tracking device as well as a smartwatch. Omron has filed around 50 patents related to unique variants of normal blood pressure monitoring equipment, including miniaturized versions.

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Omron wearables will be competing with tech giants such as  Samsung’s Health, Google Fit and QardioArm, though their feature sets are going to be a little different. Omron's HeartGuide will come in three sizes - small, medium, large. The medium measures about 46mm and can also perform a bunch of smartwatch basics like sleep and step tracking and notifications.

The new app will be out by February 1st. The smartwatch, however, does not have a release date announced, nor did Omron Healthcare publish any information regarding pricing or specs.

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