Philips Hue lights now glow in sync with Razer's Chroma enabled devices

Jan 9, 2018

If it doesn't glow Chroma it isn't a Razer product! The company which started off by selling computer mouse has come a long way over the years to be among elite gaming hardware manufacturers. Razer makes some of the best gaming laptops both in terms of design and specifications and are well known for their gaming accessories. But what sets Razer apart from all the other Gaming hardware companies is the sick RGB lighting they cram into their products under the Chroma trademark.

The RGB lighting give an immersive experience for the gamers while also making their gaming rigs look like something from the future. So when Razer made their first Android smartphone in late 2017 and forgot to give it some Chroma love, the Razer fans were pulling their hairs off in disbelief. But now at CES 2018, Razer is joining hands with Philips Hue lights to bring it on to the world of Razer Chroma. To those unaware, Philips Hue lights are smart LED bulbs that have the capability to change colours and can be controlled over the internet.

Razer have now partnered with Philips to integrate these Hue lights with its Chroma family so that once they're connected with Razer's Synapse 3.0 hardware configuration tool, gamers can synchronize the Hue lights to glow in sync with their gaming session. Users can also set up each Philips Hue light to glow in a specific color if they prefer that way.

Last year at CES, Razer had done something similar with its prototype projector called Project Ariana. This projector would synchronize with your in-game session and blend your room with light effects that would result in a completely immersive experience. However, the idea of having a projector just to glow blurry lights didn't amuse that many people as Razer would have thought so it never mass produced them.

But the partnership with Philips Hue is a more serious and viable one as Philips Hue are already quite popular and chances are that a number of Razer users could already be having Philips Hue lights at their homes to start right away!

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