PowerWatch X - The smartwatch that is powered with Body Heat!

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 9, 2018

Matrix Industries made a bold claim in 2016 by announcing that their upcoming PowerWatch would never need charging. The claim turned out to be true as the watch can be powered through the heat generated from the skin it was pressed against.

Costing around $249 or £184, it still maintains the traditional chunky and mechanical look of watches as compared to smartwatch standards. It weighs less than it actually looks though. With the PowerWatch X, there is absolutely no need to carry a charger around.


Matrix industry is creating a watch that uses a proprietary thermoelectric energy converter that uses converted energy from excess body heat to power the timepiece. Matrix is releasing the PowerWatch X  this year.  It has an inbuilt battery that allows the watch to run on a low-power mode. This saves the user the stress of charging. Although its predecessors did not live up to its claims as it was limited to just fitness tracking. The PowerWatch X  adds a smartwatch feature that allows the support of smartphone notification through its Bluetooth. The PowerWatch X is compatible with Android, iOS, OS X / Mac, and Windows Phone devices.


Matrix industries are planning on adding more power-intensive processing next. The PowerWatch X can stay in a water depth of 200meters as it is water-resistant. It can also tell the user how much power he/she is able to supply to the watch, as well as measure accurately the number of calories burned.

The PowerWatch X is still in development but, it is available for pre-order for $249.99 and is expected to start shipping sometime this year. The date of release has not been announced. The PowerWatch X is currently on display at the CES holding in Las Vegas.

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