Project Linda- Razer's laptop dock unveiled at the CES 2018

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 11, 2018

Gaming Company, Razer, provides one of the biggest highlights every year at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year, Razer showcases an inventive concept piece codenamed Project Linda. Linda is a hybrid laptop dock for the company’s Razer smartphone. The laptop's touchpad is the Razer phone and when you connect the two devices, the phone powers a 13.3-inch screen, a full-sized keyboard, and the option to plug in external devices like a mouse. You can even use the phone’s screen as a smart touchpad.

The Company is showing off the concept in a demo. The big screen is basically a mirror of the phone’s smaller display giving you access to a colour picker and other tools you can use during photo editing. When the Razer phone is inserted into the clamshell dock, it becomes a 13inch laptop. You can charge your phone by sliding a USB connector into the tablet, charging your phone while it is docked on the laptop. You can also access your apps on the big screen, touch the phone screen to move a cursor and generally act like you’re using a notebook rather than a smartphone. Press the dock button to release the phone when you want to switch back to phone mode.

Razer is not the first to try out this impressive concept of laptop dock for smartphones. Motorolla introduced the original Motorola Atrix 4G laptop dock and PadFone in 2011 but it hit an evolutionary end. HP also tried their best to make laptop and tablet docks for phones with its the Elite x3 smartphones.

Linda has the looks of a high-end Razer laptop complete with RBG backlit keys, a 13.3-inch quad HD display, and a relatively compact design: the dock weighs about 2.75 pounds.It has a USB Type-A port for connecting peripherals and a USB Type-C port for charging or accessories.  It also has around 200GB of built-in storage and its 8GB of RAM for the phone seems reasonable when hooked up to a laptop like this with intentions for higher-performance applications. It has a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, a dual-array mic, and a 720p webcam. For easy access to the phone's side-mounted fingerprint sensor, there's a slot carved out along the front of the laptop. The project Linda has a 54 Wh battery that can charge the phone while it’s docked. It can also fully charge a phone about 3 times.

Project Linda is capable of running a wide range of software. You get a desktop-like experience using the Sentio Desktop software. Or you can use a more typical Android interface if that’s what you prefer.  Project Linda can be used to interact with Android games on a larger screen and stream games over the internet. The recently-launched Shadow game streaming service is being used as an example of the technology. The phone screen can be used as a  smart touchpad, this should give you an edge in esports competitions like Vainglory.

Razer still has a lot to sort out for the Project Linda and wants to add HDMI-out for hooking up to even bigger displays as well as touchscreen support. Linda seems like the go-to device when you don’t plan to do heavy-duty tasks like video editing. Also, the issue of software possess a threat as Android isn't very well positioned nor provides the support to make use of a 13-inch dual display system, so Razer will have to build that itself with its relatively small Android team.

The functional prototypes are being displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show and we are hoping that the device will go on sale later this year. Since the Razer’s 3-screen gaming laptop from CES 2017 never did. But, the company hasn’t announced a price, release date, or plans to bring the Project Linda dock to market. We wait .....

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