Samsung Gear - New Gear Manager App to Rule Them All

Jan 31, 2018

This morning Samsung Gear Smartwatch users will have an update waiting for them for the Gear Manager App to become a new app named Samsung Gear. So far so good. The new App is compatible with the Gear S3, S2, Fit2, Fit2Pro, Gear Sport, and Icon X. Previously, we had two apps that would cover these devices and I've always thought it would make sense to have one, and now it seems Samsung also agrees 🙂

The Samsung Gear application lets you connect your Samsung Gear device to your mobile. You can use it manage settings, features and applications that are installed through Samsung Gear Apps. It's nice to see updates, as the app got last updated in November last year. The changelog is below but there is no mention of bug fixes or performance improvements, but I am hoping there is some. On another note, I seem to have got this update twice, with the same version number. Weird!


What's new in version2.2.20.17113061

  • Gear Sport supported
  • Gear Fit2 Pro supported
  • Initial connection screen improved
  • News & tips card added
  • Card showing Galaxy Apps banner added
  • New phrases added to Quick messages (some Gear models only)


Manually update Gear Manager

If you do not get a notification to update your Gear software then you can manually update as below:-

  1. Launch Gear Manager App
  2. Select Settings tab
  3. Select About Samsung Gear App
  4. You should able to see the update listed, presuming its available for your country


Happy updating and let us know what you find in the comments section below. If you want to Tip the IoT Gadgets Team about anything then please contact us at [email protected]. Note: This app does not support Gear VR or Gear 360, there are separate apps for them 🙂

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