Samsung Gear S3 UK finally gets the battery fix update - CQL1

Jan 4, 2018

Gear S3 Battery Fix Finally hits the UK

Many of our Gear S3 readers in the UK have breathed a sigh of relief today as a much-awaited firmware update was made available via an Over the Air (OTA) update. This brings the S3 software to firmware version R760XXU2CQL1, but the platform version still remains as Tizen

Following the Tizen 3.0 update, part of the value pack update, many users experienced a substantial drop in battery life that meant they went down from 3 - 4 days use to only 1 - 2. Some lucky users seemed not to affected at all and were probably left wondering what all the fuss was about. A couple of days use between charges is still not too bad as there are still many smartwatches that will find 2 days battery life a hard promise to fulfil. Soon after this Samsung released an update to address the battery life issue but it is only reaching the UK now.




Following this new update, your Tizen watch should be back to its previous glory, but if not then some users have found simply giving it another reboot does help. You should get a little notification telling you that the update is available, but if not then please use the manual instructions below:


Manually update your Gear S3

  • Launch Samsung Gear MAnager
  • Select About Gear
  • Select Update Gear Software
  • Select Download updates manually
  • Click Ok to begin the download process and follow any on-screen instructions.


Good Luck. Please let us know in the comments if this firmware fix has resolved all your battery gripes.

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