Samsung and LG close to making their Bixby and Deep ThinQ AI platforms public

Jan 22, 2018

Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant has been leading the way when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). Being the only major AI platforms open to the public, third-party manufacturers don't have much choice but to adopt either of them on their products. Well, Amazon and Google are about to find more competition very soon. South Korean electronics giants Samsung and LG are planning on to make their respective AI platforms, Bixby and Deep ThinQ, public.

At last year's Samsung Developers Conference, the company has announced that it'll make its voice-recognition-based AI platform Bixby public. Samsung is now in final stages of its preparation, making necessary modifications to Bixby. The company will open a source code of Bixby to outside businesses and developers in the days to come.

“As we made an announcement at last year’s Samsung Developers Conference that we are going to make Bixby’s ecosystem public, we are going to open up Bixby’s source code and others shortly.” said a Samsung representative.



LG Electronics is also are to follow Samsung's path and make its AI platform Deep ThinQ public. However, the company is not that confident enough to do so anytime soon. The company plans to examine outside demands and then decide on whether or not to make its AI platform public.

“If we decide that there are many needs from outside developers towards Deep ThinQ, we may look into opening up Deep ThinQ,” a company representative said.

As of now, both Bixby and Deep ThinQ are used only within their respective companies. One can't find Bixby in any electronic device that isn't built by Samsung or its subsidiaries. If Samsung and LG make the source codes, development codes, and Application Programming Interface (API) of Bixby and Deep ThinQ public then third-party developers can develop devices that can communicate with other Samsung or LG devices. This will open up a way for many groups and businesses to join Samsung or LG AI ecosystems.

This move from Samsung and LG means more competition for Alexa and Google Assistant. Alexa and Assistant have solidified themselves as wide-used AI platforms across products. Many home appliances manufacturers including the big names like Sony, Whirlpool and Panasonic are adopting them into their products. Whether Bixby and Deep ThinQ can catch them, only time will tell.

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