Samsung wants to make SmartThings app your IoT remote control

Jan 9, 2018

Time and again, Samsung Electronics has stressed on making all of its devices interconnected. The company actually seems to be very serious about it. Samsung's strategy to do so is built around SmartThings, its subsidiary bought back in 2014. At a press event during the ongoing Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2018, Samsung co-CEO H.S. Kim talked about the SmartThings, which the company views as the remote control for the internet of things (IoT).

IoT, the technology that makes our gadgets smart and connected, is currently one of the hottest prospects in technology. But the availability of so many ways to set up, interact and connect our devices becomes a little confusing. Samsung wants to simplify this, claims Mr. Kim.

"For many, the world of connected devices is confusing. The time for the true delivery of the promise of the internet of things is now," he said.

The grand strategy that Samsung has planned is to use the Samsung SmartThings Cloud, Bixby voice controls, connected car, and the upcoming 5G wireless broadband to deliver seamless connectivity via a single app. Kim said that the SmartThings cloud service will be coming this spring.



With Bixby, users can control their devices with natural language voice commands. Once all of your devices are connected to a single cloud, accessing one device from the other becomes all so simple. For instance, the new SmartThings compatible Family Hub Refrigerator, which the company announced yesterday only, can now show you what's going on the other room of your house or outside your front door from the kitchen itself. You're watching TV and its time to prepare the dinner. Ask the TV remote, "Show me what's in the fridge," and the image of your fridge contents will appear on the TV screen. Sounds interesting! What's more? You can control all the devices in your house via a single app.

Samsung SmartThings currently have 370 certified devices from 40 different brands. 90% of the company's products are IoT ready. Samsung plans to make all of its devices IoT compatible by 2020. The company is heading in the right direction at a right pace, claims Mr. Kim.

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