Samsung to unveil new model of Family Hub Refrigerator at CES 2018

Jan 8, 2018

Samsung Electronics has today announced the 2018 version of its award-winning Family Hub smart refrigerator. A winner of the 2018 Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2018, the refrigerator will be on display at the CES 2018, to be held in Las Vegas from 9-12 January, 2018.

There's no radical redesign of the refrigerator physically this year. Instead, Samsung has focused on feature-wise improvements of the fridge. With deeper support for Samsung's Bixby voice assistant, the new Family Hub will now be capable of doing even more than its predecessor. This includes syncing up food storage with meal preparation, providing enhanced entertainment and more. Furthermore, the new model comes with integrated SmartThings support. So you can now control third-party devices that are part of the SmartThings smart home ecosystem, right from the fridge. This means you can now see what's happening in another room of your house right from the kitchen itself.

The Family Hub's grocery tracking built-in fridge camera's are getting smarter too. Thanks to this new feature called meal planner, your refrigerator will now recommend recipes based on your family's food preferences, allergies and food expiry dates. The cameras inside the fridge also lets you get a quick peek inside the fridge at what ingredients you have on hand. There's also a new Deals app, that gives users the ability to save bargains directly to their shopping list.



In addition to the innovative TV and music options, the new Family Hub features AKG Premium Quality Sound Speakers for deep bass sounds. Also, users can now stream content from their smartphone to the new Family Hub refrigerator.

Given the competition between Samsung and LG in the various home appliances categories, this move by Samsung didn't come as a surprise at all as LG had announced an Alexa equipped smart fridge of its own only a few days back. And going on-par with Alexa and Google assistant, Bixby will also now be able to distinguish between users' voices. If you ask Bixby "what's new today," it'll read out the new stories along with personally-tailored updates from your calendar.

The new refrigerator will be available in four 4-door French door (4D FDR) models. The 2018 models of the Family Hub will be available this spring, though Samsung hasn't put a price label yet. More on the refrigerator could be available once CES 2018 kicks off tomorrow.

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