Samsung's Patent utilizes blood flow to identify its users.

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 29, 2018

Samsung might be working on one of the latest series of biometric unlocking technologies which could use the pattern of blood flow to identify its users. Samsung Electronics has a new patent that can unlock the user's devices with their heartbeats. The patent application filled in July 2016 in the US is titled ‘Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters’. The patent devises a method through which the arterial conduction paths of users can be used to unlock their devices. Since ‘the arterial conduction paths of different users are almost never identical’, this patent could be a more reliable way of authentication.

The patent application would be a technology fit for wearables as there would be no need for Pin codes, facial identification or fingerprints, all you would need is a Samsung Smartwatch. Your gadgets can be unlocked just by your smartwatch or smartphone reading your blood flow or heartbeat. With this technology, identifying users from the data collated from their blood flow, confirmation of mobile payment would be faster.

The probability of this patent turning into an actual product is dependent on a variety of factors such as cost or technical complication. The idea might seem great and interesting but we will have to wait to see if Samsung ever decides to bring this technology to market.

On the other hand, if Samsung decides to integrate this technology into its devices, Samsung Pay would definitely benefit greatly from its instantaneous payment method, as the patent utilises sensors which would authenticate the user based on the interpretation and data collated from their blood flow.

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