Shell Smartwatch, a watch that transforms into a smartphone

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 17, 2018

Shell is due to launch its next generation of Independent Smartwatches on Indiegogo at the end of this month. Shell wearables decided to mashup the features of a smartwatch and a smartphone creating a unique and sleek autonomous device. This would be the world's first smartwatch that transforms into a full-scale smartphone at a touch. The shell smartwatch combines 4G connectivity that can make the smartwatch a phone also.

Wondering how you can make calls with the smartwatch? Two mental arms pop out when you unclip the watch from its cradle. These arms serve as an antenna, a microphone and a speaker for phone conversations making it an extended cellphone. The smartwatch is equipped with a 12MP 360-degree rotating camera attached to the rear of one of the extendable arms. You can take photos or make videos just by attaching the smartwatch to a selfie stick. These arms can also be used as a manual charging solution. You can resurrect the battery of the smartwatch with your hands by flexing the extended arms you get an equivalent amount of call time.

When used as a smartwatch it is simply docked to its cradle on your wrist but, when used as a 4G Andriod phone you press on the smartwatch to release its flexible extended wings.  Shell is looking forward to creating smartphone cradle for a number of devices, including the Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, Moto 360, LG and Huawei Watch.

The company is offering two unique designs you can choose from, the rugged commando and the regular version. Shell is offering Bluetooth and radio connectivity on the companies commando vortex unit as well as  4G, GSM, GPS, WiFi, high-gain standalone antenna, mini- generator module that allows for manual battery recharge and water resistance features.

Shell isn't the only one with the revolutionary idea of integrating a smartwatch with smartphone features as the Apple Watch 3 LTE allows you make calls with your smartwatch as well as the like of the Gear S3, but the difference is that this device does not require a Bluetooth headset for private calls. Shell will begin its crowdfunding campaign on Jan. 31st.



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