Simply NUC unveils Home Hub with Alexa Voice Assistant.

Asseh Rebecca
Jan 12, 2018

Simply NUC has unveiled its plans launch a new line of products later this year at the CES 2018. The company provides a bridge between Intel and its end users and also provides solutions and services to a wide range of customers. Simply Nuc is a providing a sneak peek of the new product, called HomeBase Hub, at its booth. It serves as a personal home server for media, private cloud storage, and more. The Homebase Hub is basically an Intel NUC computer that has been configured with a suite of software.

The features of the product also include Amazon's Alexa voice service support, a media server based on Plex, and plenty of storage space. The device allows you combine your digital world in one place with easy access on the go.  You can stack the NUC on the 20TB to create what seems to be a single device. A fan at the back for cooling and for some extra amount you get four 5TB 2.5 inch hard drives that contain  20TB of storage. Far-field voice detection microphones, control over media playback by voice,  live streaming and recording and more should be expected from this product.


Simply NUC also displayed its new Hades Canyon NUC with a high-power Intel processor featuring Radeon Vega M graphics at the CES2018. The company provides small, reliable, energy efficient, computer systems that can be used as desktop replacements, media players for digital signage, smart conference rooms, and control devices for IoT applications. Prices for the Home hub are expected to start at $399 for an entry-level model with 2TB of storage and $900 for a new box with 20TB of storage.

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