TV-TWO Taking Smart TVs to Blockchain to decentralize TV ecosystem

Faith Obafemi
Jan 9, 2018

Smart TVs are one of the most popular gadgets you can find in the IoT industry. And if you've read our IoT predictions and anticipations for 2018, you'll know that blockchain is set to play a big role in the IoT industry this year. Several blockchain startups will be bringing solutions that base IoT gadgets on the blockchain.

TV-TWO IoTGadgets

One of such is TV-TWO, a blockchain startup with the plan to decentralize the TV ecosystem and connect your Smart TVs to the Ethereum Blockchain. They intend to offer a platform for smart contracts applications, so that users can have a new gateway to linear broadcasting that allows you access subscribed channels and also have your own live streaming channel.

The new TV ecosystem is based on blockchain technology because the startup aims to decentralize and facilitate direct communications between users, advertisers and TV content producers. For their Interactive Coin Offering (ICO), they would be issuing a Token for Television (TTV) which can be used to pay for subscriptions on the TV-TWO app or can be awarded when users watch broadcasts or stream their own broadcasts.


According to their whitepaper, the TV-TWO team is made up of industry professionals and advisors with years of experience in industrial engineering, finance, token economics, entrepreneurship, business development, among others.


Follow these five steps to know how TV-TWO works:

  1. Install the TV-TWO app on your smart TV, you'll find it in your TV's app store.
  2. Sync the wallet from your TV to your other devices like laptop and smartphones.
  3. Watch broadcasts or your personalized video streams. You are awarded TTV for doing this.
  4. Check your balance when you're done for the day.
  5. Trade your accumulated TTV for fiat, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Check out the video below to show you these steps:


TV-TWO app will be released on the last day of January this year, running on Testnet. So, it will be a couple of weeks before you can try out the app. You can join the TV-TWO Telegram community here or participate in their ICO which starts on the 24th of February this year, by joining their whitelist here.



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