Amazon will make it's own AI processors for a faster Alexa experience

Asseh Rebecca
Feb 13, 2018

Amazon is set to make Alexa's response delay-free by building a new AI chip. A new report suggests that Amazon plans to create AI chips that will process data locally. It will give Alexa a more human time response instead of consulting huge amount of cloud data before responding to questions. The internal hardware in Alexa powered devices is not fast enough to give human-like responses to questions at the moment, so when a question is asked, it is first thrown into the cloud before you get a response. Amazon plans to integrate a new AI chip that will create faster response into its Amazon dot, Amazon Echo, and all their speakers.

Alexa would still use the cloud to connect with skills and pull down information. The hardware chips, however, would allow Alexa-powered speakers to natively process speech recognition without contacting the Cloud. This would allow for faster response to commands like time checking, weather reports, setting an alarm etc. This is a huge step for Amazon, who currently use Intel and Nvidia's AI chips for its processor chips, but it may seem that since acquiring Annapurna Labs in 2015, the company has decided to strike out on its own.

Apple, Samsung and Google already utilize the first-party AI chips for a wide variety of their devices and services and it isn't surprising that Amazon has decided to follow suit. Amazon has at least a dozen companies with their devices integrated into Amazon’s voice-assisted network. This move to improve on its Voice Assistance response time would help in making its services truly smart. We are unsure as to when Amazon will start integrating its AI chips into its Echo hardware, but this tech giant is serious about investing in AI-powered chips. This is something we will be looking forward to seeing anytime soon.

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