Google launches its new Smart Reply App

Asseh Rebecca
Feb 22, 2018

Google's newest App, Reply was reportedly tested at Area 120 Last week. The app is alleged to transfer Allo's Smart Reply functionality over to a wider number of apps and will allow Google’s feature of a predictive reply algorithm which would work with other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Twitter DMs.


A leaked build of the app can be found on APK Mirror, the app setup is a bit long but pretty straight forward. The app requires permission to see your notifications for it to work. Once the app is installed and launched, you can either link it to your Google account - this is to increase intelligence and personalise the automated responses it gives you. You will also enable your location so you can get further customized features like fully automated responses in certain circumstances like giving replies on your whereabouts or replies based on your calendar.

Although some of the additional functionality didn't quite seem to work. The responses that included a framework of data for answers, like travel time couldn't be triggered. As well as certain pre-configured messages which are supposed to trigger automated responses such as place your device on "Do Not Disturb" mood when you are driving. This reply will be represented with a robot emoji so it will signify to the recipient know it was an automated message.
The app works in different languages, but the fundamental instructions during setup are in English. Also, some of the Smart Replies generated in languages, like French, may seem a bit strange. You could download Reply and find out it features yourself as users will understand the app as they use it continually.

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